Q: What is VintageChameleon?

A: The best brand bringing you vintage clothing with a modern twist. Many items are made from recycled fabric and repurposed denim! We have tons of new items as well like our T-Shirts and hoodies.


Q: Where else can I buy VC?

A: We are primarily an online clothing company.. I mean who doesn't like shopping in their underwear from the comfort of their own home? We sell our items in a few stores locally, MuseJar in East Aurora NY and Her Story in Buffalo NY. If you know of any boutiques near you that VC would fit perfectly with, email us!


Q: What if my shirt/flannel/shorts/jeans don't fit?

A: You can send them back to us for an even exchange! Below is an exchange form you can fill out and add into your package. 


Q: Can I return my order?

A: Many of our items are handmade and custom made per order so we only accept even exchanges. If something is wrong with your item and it's VCs fault, please email us and we will get to the bottom of it! Also please see our full return policy at the bottom of this thread.


Q: How come some items take longer to ship?

A: We know how much it sucks waiting for your order... if we could teleport it to you immediately we would. However, most of our items are handmade and we make them when we receive your order. Usually our shipping time shouldn't exceed one week, but specific items like our Bridesmaid Flannels are custom made for your bridal party so they can take a few weeks to ship out! It will say right in the order listing if there is extra time allowed. 



If your item is the wrong size or something is wrong with it we will send you a duplicate item in a new size. Items can only be sent back for an even exchange. Buyer pays return shipping. Please print out the exchange form below and send it inside your package. Exchanges can take from 2-3 weeks to be processed depending if we have an item readily made or not.