Plant Classes

As you all should know by now, I am a huge plant enthusiast. Over the past few years I have slowly introduced more plant related things into VintageChameleon. This winter I decided to totally immerse myself in the plant class world! This all started when I was searching for fun plant related things to do here in Buffalo. Besides the typical plant nite paint nite series- there wasn't much. I figured that if I am looking for fun plant activities than other people must be looking too! Thus my  plant class series was born.

I've been teaching classes for about 2 years now maybe a few a month but this winter I have taught over 30 classes already! Ever since I was a child my dream was to become an art teacher. I think I have exceeded my dreams by owning my own business but part of me always wondered what being an art teacher would be like. I am really getting my fix by teaching so many amazing people all about plants.

I absolutely LOVE traveling around Buffalo teaching all of you how to create beautiful plant masterpieces. I added a ton more classes on the schedule for this upcoming spring and I hope i'm able to KEEP teaching for many years. It works perfectly in my schedule since most classes are at night, I'm able to get all my VC work done during the day then I become plant teacher by night. I am truly blessed that I love my job and it wouldn't be possible without all of you.

I am hopefully turning everyone into a plant mamma or plant daddy one class at a time! Ps. if you take 5 plant classes, your sixth class is FREE!

Check out the Plant Class Schedule HERE