New York State of Emergency

So NYS is in a state of emergency right now because of a little snow. When did we become such wimps? WE got 7 feet of snow two Novembers ago and we managed. Right now i'm looking outside and I can still see blades of grass sticking through the snow. Our weatherman and news anchors really overreacted this time. But hey, maybe I'm speaking too soon and it will be a white out within minutes.

Regardless of the weather situation, the internet is still open! That's one of the biggest reasons I love having an online business. I never have to shut down for weather. Everyone can sit in the comfort of their own homes and shop till they drop. 

Peep some images from Snowvember 2014.. I was right in the heart of it. It snowed non stop for 4 days then was sunny for a few, then snowed again. And of course the day after it stopped snowing, everything melted. EVERYTHING.