Love Yourself Day

Today is Valentines day and I know so many people who hate this day. I get it, if you're single you're just reminded over and over again. People posting their love for each other all over social media and hearts everywhere. But it doesn't have to be that way! I am really lucky because I have the most amazing guy in my life who loves me but I always make sure to take a lot of time today to love MYSELF. I think this is really important to everyone no matter where they are in life. I slept in, made a huge smoothie bowl because they're my absolute favorite. Threw on my favorite leggings and read some of my book.

You are perfect and beautiful the way you are so don't be down today. Appreciate your life and your body and every aspect about you. You are the ONLY one like you and you need to realize that! 

Eat your favorite foods. Do some yoga. Go for a hike. Listen to really loud rap music because you know you love it. Drink lots of wine. Enjoy today because you are YOU and theres so many people out there who really love you.

I promise today can be fun you just have to change your mindset. Don't obsess over relationships, make sure the relationship with yourself takes precedence. It's the most important and will help pave the way to a healthy happy life. 


I LOVE you all! 

Happy Valentines day everybody