Go With the Flow Fest 2019

For the past year or so I have constantly thought about how cool it would be to start a yoga, plant, beer, good vibes festival. I have been to so many different types of events here in Buffalo NY but none of them were exactly what I was envisioning. This year I just knew it would be the year I would start one of my own. After discussing this with a few of my friends who are also entrepreneurs in Buffalo, we collectively decided the time is NOW and thus, Go With the Flow Fest was born! 

Go With the Flow Fest, or GWTFF, is all about GOING WITH THE FLOW. It is being held at Hamm & Fatteys Beer Company which is located in Hamburg NY. It's the cutest, coziest bar with a zillion different types of beer to choose from. Beer will be flowing from the taps, yogis will be vinyasa flowing, and it'll be a great time. I am teaching some plant classes throughout the day, along with selling my VC goods. My good friend Lauren from Loti Henna Studios will be doing beautiful Henna, my friend Nikki from Cosmic Lotus Jewelry will have all her beautiful crystals and energy infused jewelry there to buy, and Courtney from That Vegan Baking Batch will have so many vegan goodies to eat! We also will have Sam from Petal Pusher WNY parked outside for you to purchase beautiful flowers from. Not to mention her vintage VW truck is the perfect back drop for pictures!

Tickets are $20 and that includes a free beer and yoga all day. We are going to have Holli teaching one class at 1pm and then Nick from Power Yoga Buffalo teaching another class at 3pm. We may even use our beer as a prop ;).

This festival is meant to be a super chill time, only good vibes are allowed and we want it to be a super laid back relaxed atmosphere! We will have some awesome music playing along with some delicious food from some local Buffalo eateries. 

If you don't do yoga and still want to come, that is great too! It's open to the public if you want to just check out Hamm & Fatteys and shop our vendors. Sunday is always a great day to sip some beer and hang out. 

I really hope this event is a big success, and I also am hoping it is the first of MANY!

CLICK HERE to purchase a ticket!