Fun "Summer" Photoshoot with Kelsey Schork

Anytime Kelsey and I get together something fun is bound to happen. We decided we're going to meet up at least twice a month to shoot whatever comes to mind. This week I knew I wanted to have a photoshoot that is summery since spring break is coming up and summer will be here before we know it. Unfortunately it was 35 degrees and extremely windy. I had absolutely no inspiration and showed up with a bag of random VC clothes. We drove around until we found this really awesome teal train car and decided it would be a great spot for summer pictures. 

I was in full summer clothes and had to convince myself I wasn't FREEZING- even though I seriously was. Kelsey is amazing and is sooooo good at directing me on where to go where to stand etc. I told her my vision and she seriously executed it! Heres some more pics of this amazing train car.Looks like a hot summer day right?! You'd never know it was the middle of winter. After we did some more train car pics we went back into her studio and just had fun and took more pictures of the other stuff I brought.The moral of the story here is that I am blessed to have Kelsey as a friend. Being around her always inspires me to be more creative and she always helps me to spark up new ideas. Recently i'm realizing how important it is to have creative people in your life. Like I said before I had zero inspiration at the beginning of the shoot but once I left my mind was swirling with inspiration and ideas. If you're ever feeling in a funk or down I seriously encourage hanging out with fun creative people, It ALWAYS helps. Anytime i'm with Kelsey I am always having a good time and I always feel comfortable being in front of her camera. I'm seriously blessed to have her in my life! Ps. I also had her model for me... how can someone be so amazing behind the camera and in front of it?! Leave it to Kelsey!! 

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