We are CLOSED! Onto the next chapter, thank you for everything over the past 12 years!

Black Lives Matter

Black Lives Matter Global Network

Starting on June 1st, we pledged to donate a portion of our profits every week to various charities and organizations to support the Black Lives Matter movement and to get justice for our Black neighbors. The week of June 1st- 6th we donated $88 between the Official George Floyd Memorial Fund, and VoiceBuffalo. This week, June 7th-14th, we will be splitting our donations between Black Love Resits in the Rust and Black Lives Matter.  Check back every week to see where we are donating to next.

Change starts HERE. Educate yourself, learn more about the very real discrimination and social injustices that black people face on a daily basis. The color of ones skin should not determine if they are in danger or not and we need to band together to create CHANGE.